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Link to Learning

Link to Learning is a space where we can introduce you to the many fantastic programs that our clinicians are trained in, and let you know how we can use our additional training and skills to help your child reach their potential.

This week’s Link to Learning focuses on The Lidcombe Program for stuttering treatment.

The Lidcombe Program (LP) is a thoroughly researched and highly evidence-based program developed by the Australian Stuttering Research Centre at the University of Sydney. This fantastic Australian program is designed for children 6 years and under who stutter, but the principles of the program can be used for older primary school children. The core focus of the program is to change a child’s motor speech patterns through positive reinforcement and building the child’s awareness of their speech patterns. In this program, the speech pathologist trains the parents to become ‘therapists’ at home, providing feedback about their child’s speech during daily sessions and rating the severity of their child’s stutter on a daily basis to track their progress. The child and their parent have a weekly therapy session with the speech pathologist to check in, discuss progress, and make any required changes to the home therapy sessions. We love this program because it’s a family-centred, fun approach to therapy that promotes generalisation to the home environment, and it works!

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