Autism Spectrum Disorders

What is Autism?

Autism refers to a number of neuro-developmental disorders (impairments of the growth or development of the brain or central nervous system).  These disorders are characterised by impaired social interaction, communication, and restricted and repetitive behaviour.  Autism affects how a person understands their world and how they process both verbal and non-verbal information.

Our Approach

Here at Leaps & Bounds, we believe in getting to know the individual child to find out what intervention will work best. Each child is so different and what works for one, may not work for another. Our clinicians have specialised training in Autism and what works and what doesn't. We use a variety of techniques, including Hanen's "More Than Words" and "Talkability" approaches, which are Family Based and involve working with both parents and child. Some speech pathologists say they use Hanen strategies, or do therapy based on Hanen principles, but our clinicians are all actually Hanen Certified Speech Pathologists and are therefore able to use the Hanen strategies effectively.

All of our therapists are trained in PROMPT (a system that gives input to the muscles of speech by touch and pressure) approach and technique. Some of our clinicians are also trained in DIR/Floortime and we incorporate that approach when applicable.   All of our clinicians have postgraduate training in the stages and levels of play. All of our therapy involves the parents. As Fern Sussman, the author of "More Than Words" (1999) states: “Parents know their children best, parents care the most about their child and parents are the most constant and important person in their child's early years.” We have also included here on our website, a copy of the booklet we put together for families with a child or children with Autism. We hope you find it helpful.

Resources We Recommend:

At Leaps & Bounds Speech Pathology, we are committed to constantly learning in order to better help your child. Here are some books that we have found helpful and often recommend to our parents:

Leaps & Bounds Speech Pathology owns all these books and we are happy to loan them out to our clients or you can order and buy your own copy through us.

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