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Preschool and School Visits

Due to the busy lifestyles that both parents and children lead these days, some people find it difficult to get to the clinic for therapy.  When it is possible, a Leaps & Bounds Speech Pathologist can provide therapy visits for your child at their education facility. These visits often enable the clinician and teaching staff to liase and discuss therapy and goals for your child, ensuring optimal care.

Call us today at East Maitland on 4933 7171 or Charlestown on 4942 2480 to book a preschool or school visit for your child.

Speech and Language Screeners

According to current research, speech and language problems are the major cause of poor literacy acquisition and learning disorders. Early intervention is 'best practice' and screening children at an early age allows for the early identification of potential speech, language and literacy problems, which can prevent later learning difficulties.

Leaps & Bounds Speech Pathologists can attend your childcare or preschool facility to screen the speech, language and pre-literacy development of children at your centre.

Call Leaps & Bounds Speech Pathology today at Charlestown on 4942 2480 or East Maitland on 4933 7171 to book Speech and Language Screeners at your preschool.


At Leaps & Bounds Speech Pathology, preschools and schools often ask us to give presentations, both to teachers/staff and to parents. Our Speech Pathologists love to help our community and to provide families with strategies that will help their children. These presentations not only give information about speech and language, but also provide the opportunity for any questions you may have to be answered by a Speech Pathologist. These presentations are popular, informative and enjoyable.

Call us today on 4942 2480 for our Charlestown Clinic or 4933 7171 for our East Maitland Clinic to book a Leaps & Bounds Speech Pathology presentation at your preschool.

Course for Early Childhood Educators/Teachers

A Leaps & Bounds Speech Pathologist who is specifically trained to educate preschool teachers and staff regularly runs courses which promote children's social, language and literacy development in Early Childhood Settings. These courses provide a step-by-step approach to using the most current research in the field to help a wide range of needs. This includes children at the earliest stages of nonverbal communication development to those who can speak in complex sentences.

Professionals who work in early childhood settings will find the practical, interactive strategies learned from the course (workbooks included) to be invaluable in helping children (including those whose language and/or social skills are delayed or at risk) to interact and communicate with their teachers and peers during everyday interactions.

Call us today on 4942 2480 (Charlestown) or 4933 7171 (East Maitland) to receive more information about this service or to book in for this course.

Social Skills Groups

Leaps & BoundsSpeech Pathology run Social Skills Groups most school holidays. These groups are a fun way to learn critical social skills and often make new friends. The children or adolescents in these groups are able to learn about and practise interpersonal interaction skills in a supported small-group environment, with activities provided for further practice at home.

Research shows thatSocial Skills Programs are only effective when they are individualised for each child, so we tailor each group to the specific needs of your child. These groups are extensively prepared for and teachers and parents are thrilled with the results.

Our Social Skills Groups are extremely popular. The children learn a variety of skills such as:

We have age-matched groups available for both boys and girls. These groups cater for children aged from 5 years and include a summary report with information about skills learned in the group, your child’s progress, and ideas to continue developing their social skills at home.

Call our friendly centres today on 4942 2480 for Charlestown or 4933 7171 for East Maitland to reserve a place for your child in our holiday groups.

Secret Agent Society Groups

Leaps & Bounds at Charlestown are proud providers of the Secret Agent Society (SAS) program. This is a fun, engaging, and evidence-based program for children aged 8-12 with social communication difficulties. We run age-matched SAS groups each term (1 afternoon per week for 9 weeks), and the program can also be delivered on a 1:1 basis. For more information click here, or call our Charlestown clinic on  4942 2480.

PEERS Groups

Libby and Nikki are two of the few clinicians in Australia certified to deliver the PEERS program for adolescents. PEERS was developed by psychologists at UCLA, and is designed to teach teenagers the skills that they need to make and keep friends, such as handling teasing and disagreements, holding a conversation, organising get-togethers with friends, and changing a reputation. Groups run one afternoon a week for 14 weeks and are held twice per year at the Charlestown clinic. For more information, visit  click here, or call us on 4942 2480.

Pre-Literacy Groups

These groups are for children who will be starting Kindergarten in 2013. This pre-kindergarten group will focus on those skills which are needed to facilitate effective reading and spelling:

These groups are appropriate for children who are not yet able to form shapes and letters, think of rhymes, or have little awareness of sounds in words. Each participant receives a homework folder and a book, along with a checklist of skills covered during the group.

Call our clinics today on 4942 2480 (Charlestown) or 4933 7171 (East Maitland) to book your child in for a fun and effective pre-literacy group.

Early Literacy Groups

These groups are for children already in Kindergarten this year. The kindergarten group has some of the same activities, with the added focus on the sounds made by individual letters. The kindergarten group will be appropriate for those children who have started school but don't 'get' the idea of reading, spelling or sounding out words. Each participant receives a homework folder and a book, along with a checklist of skills covered during the group.Both literacy groups would also greatly benefit children who have had or continue to have speech sound difficulties, given that there is a link between and speech sound difficulties and reading/spelling problems.

Call us today at Charlestown on 4942 2480 or East Maitland on 4933 7171 to book your child in!

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