What is a Home Program?


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Sometimes it gets difficult to come in to the clinic or organise therapy appointments, and that's ok. While receiving therapy directly from a trained therapist is always the best option, we understand that life gets difficult, so we've made it possible to do therapy at home, using evidence-based strategies and resources, with support from experienced clinicians.

What is a Home Program?

A home program is a pack of resources, related to your individual goals, that your clinician can prepare for you. The pack includes instructions on how to complete activities, and how long you should spend per day completing your tasks.


How can a Home Program work for me?

If you are unable to attend sessions at school or in the clinic, your therapist can provide activities for you to complete with your child at home. Your therapist can provide a pack of activities weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, and will check in with you via phone or email about your progress, and any difficulties completing activities, before providing another pack.


What do I need to do / provide?

We can provide you with activities via post or email, or you can pick your Home Program up from any of our clinics (please note that if you are unwell, clinic pickup is not available). If we provide them via email, you may need access to a printer. If we provide your Home Program by post, you shouldn’t need to provide anything (other than things you already have at home, such as scissors and pencils).


What if my child won’t sit still and complete homework with me?

A Home Program may not be practical for each child, but your therapist can still support you via phone or email. You can touch base with your therapist about your child’s progress, set goals and activities for therapy at home, and troubleshoot any problems you may be experiencing.


How do I organise a Home Program for my child?

Contact us by phone or email and we can prepare a Home Program to be sent to you.

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