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Link to Learning

Link to Learning is a space where we can introduce you to the many fantastic programs that our clinicians are trained in, and let you know how we can use our additional training and skills to help your child reach their potential.

Today’s Link to Learning features our newest program, TALK 4 WRITING.

Talk 4 Writing (T4W) is an evidence-based program developed in the UK. It is a systematic program that teaches students how to link their oral (spoken) language to their written language through imitation (learning and analysing stories), innovation (changing stories), and invention (making up your own stories). It is a brilliant approach to teaching writing skills to kids who struggle with organising their thoughts, expressing their ideas, and translating their ideas on to paper. We love this approach because it’s straightforward, fun, engaging, and connects spoken and written language in a unique way that works and leads to writing success!

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