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Libby Wallace

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Anyone else feel like lockdown has been going for about 3 years?

Some of our kiddos are getting fatigued and drained from the demands of online learning, and we totally get it.

This week, we've been taking a break and incorporating fun, movement-based activities into our routine. We made this scavenger hunt pack, printed and laminated it, and had hours of fun running around the house and yard finding things to 'take a photo' of. We had a break, took a heap of movement and stretch time, and the best thing about it? It incorporated learning without the kids even knowing. Our cards help kids to learn concepts such as size, colour, texture, and attributes like long, wet, and heavy.

Download yours here! (Right-click the photos and save them to your computer, or hold your finger on them to save them to your phone or tablet).

Trouble downloading? Send an email to libby@leapsandbounds.net.au and we can send you a copy.

Happy hunting!

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