Christmas is Coming!


Libby Wallace

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Things we love about Christmas:

- Family

- Food

- Presents

- Fun glittery Christmas hats and necklaces!


Christmas accessories aren’t just fun for us – they’re a fantastic way to engage with our little ones and encourage communication! How can you do it? Check out our tips below!


Sit face to face: Sitting face to face allows your child to see and hear you – your mouth movements, sounds, and facial expressions – and is a beautiful way to really connect with your child!
Set up a routine: Start with something simple like putting on or taking off a hat or necklace. Once the routine is set up (e.g. you’ve taken the necklace on and off 2-3 times), wait for your child to request the next action. They may make a noise or gesture, or use a word. However they communicate, reward them with your praise and excitement!
Teach new words: Whatever routine or game you are playing (e.g. taking a necklace on and off, hiding a Santa hat), repeat the same word(s) multiple times. You might like to use words like ‘on’, ‘off’, ‘yours’, ‘mine’, ‘again’, ‘in’, ‘under’, and ‘where?’.


Have a go at these fun, simple tips at home! We’d love to hear how they go for you and your kids.


Merry Christmas!

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